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About Century Novelty

Supplies novelty toys, party decorations, carnival games, toys stuffed animals, and balloons.

Family-owned since day one, Century Novelty was founded by Dr. Raymond Madigan in 1951. The original Century Novelty was a retail storefront in Livonia, Michigan, selling party supplies at affordable prices. In some ways, we’ve changed a lot. In others, we haven't changed at all.

We've always been looking for the newest and best ways to bring the party to you. We were the first Halloween merchandise distributor in Wayne County, Michigan for years, empowering families and small businesses to party the way they wanted to.

In 1961, Raymond bought our first humble warehouse in Livonia. At just a 1000 square feet, it quickly filled up with party supplies for every occasion. As more and more Americans heard of our partying ways, Century Novelty grew and grew, adding addition after addition to the original warehouse.

Continuing to push the envelope, Century Novelty hired their first webmaster to build in the middle of the dot-com boom of the mid-90’s. An early adopter of the Internet, Century Novelty doubled down on our website seven years later when we transitioned to be completely online.

While the smiling faces of Century Novelty have changed over the years, there has been more than a passing family resemblance. Raymond eventually passed the business down to his son Kevin, who had worked in the warehouse as a teenager. Today, Century Novelty is run by Kevin's son Kyle. Century Novelty is proud to be a family affair. And we are proud to continue to power your parties.

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