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Amazon is the world’s premiere online marketplace, and with all the convenient money-saving perks, it’s no wonder why. From the comfort of your own home, you can shop for virtually anything you can imagine and more, from everyday household items to furniture, food and everything in between. As a busy mom, Amazon is my go-to source for the entire gamut of what I need for my family and for my home. Having it all delivered to my door is so much easier than running around to five different stores with my kids. I love that with Amazon, I can buy myself new sneakers to keep up with my little ones and also get the everyday essentials we need, like paper towels and toilet paper, all in one order. Plus, I can comparison shop to find the best prices with just a glance, so it’s easy to shop for everything I need and still have time and money left over for the things that matter most to me. Check out these incredible money-saving tips and save even more when you shop the Amazon marketplace:

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