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We derive inspiration from the beauty of the human soul, its perfection, the uniqueness of every human being.

The main and most popular of our products are the rope bracelets (silver detail with a sense of load and.

In addition to the bracelets we have rings, earrings, pendants and cuffs in our assortment. Separately, the rings on the phalanges should be singled out - the fashion trend. There's a whole series of harmless phalanx rings in the amorem collections.

AMOREM is the inclination of the word love in Latin, for example: "Create love," in this combination love will sound like amorem, that is, love is not something static.

Since ancient times, people have carried what has made sense to them: Patterns, symbols. What we wear on the body can affect our lives.

Amorem decorations are essentially a meaning, a certain message expressed in form by material. It's an emotional transmission.

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