Au Pont Rouge

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AU Pont Rouge (Red Bridge) is a brand shop for men and women's clothing, footwear and accessories in St. Petersburg, a project that combines fashion, art and culture.

In the internet shop you can order goods with delivery throughout Russia. The courier will give you the opportunity to try on the goods and take the wrong one. You can pay for delivery to the courier or bank card on the site. Loyalty program from the first purchase.

The history of the building of the Au Pont Rouge department store ("At the Red Bridge") in its modern form begins in 1905, when the representatives of the board of the famous Belgian-Dutch trading firm "S.Esders and K.Scheefhals", the world supplier of ready-made women's and men's dresses, bought plot of land and a corner house on the embankment of the Moika River, 73, and Gorokhovaya Street, 15.

In the same year, the Belgian-Austrian entrepreneur Stefan Esders and his partner and nephew Karl/Charles Scheefhals of the Netherlands applied for permission to build a five-story building with an attic for a modern trading house.

Permission was received, and in the period 1906-1907 at the Red Bridge under the project of St. Petersburg architects Vladimir Alexandrovich Lipsky and Konstantin Nikolaevich de Rochefort erected an unusual structure of the trading house "S.Esders and K.Scheefhals."

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