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About Borghese

Borghese combines traditions of classic Italian beauty and modern sensibility. Explore our makeup, skincare, and iconic Fango mud masks here.

Self-care isn't a luxury in Italian culture, it's a necessity. Indulgence nourishes the soul + spirit, and radiates from within. So reach for that second glass of wine, buy those shoes, splurge on that pricey workout class and above all, unplug daily to quiet your mind and love your skin. Everything else can wait. #ShamelesslyBorghese

The Borghese family name is as eternal as the city of Rome. Princess Marcella, a member of the royal family, was hailed as a style icon and entrepreneur, and shared her passion for beauty through the creation of the Borghese brand. The Princess brought Italian spa culture and effortless Roman beauty to life through a comprehensive line of skincare and cosmetics.

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