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Hire yachts and boats online in a few clicks. Best prices directly from boat owners! Check out our reliable reviews and vessel photos. Be Smart - Book Online!

As a young team of professionals with a hospitality background, we have been observing a vessel rental business for quite some time now. We do strongly believe, that in this day and age, even the most complicated task could be accomplished with just a couple of clicks, especially when everyone has a smartphone in their pocket.

That is why we decided to turn all our ideas into CharterClick – world’s most convenient vessel booking service.

Nowadays, more and more people are willing to rent a yacht for a birthday party or a boat for a fishing trip, and there are hundreds of renting companies all over the world, who are ready to indulge all their enquiries, no matter how exquisite or demanding they can be. But the very process, that eventually should make a client’s wish a reality, is usually the most dreadful and inconvenient for both parties. To get what you want, you need to contact the company by phone, or send a numerous amount of emails, you have to confirm time and date to make sure it is available, you have to specifically mention all your requirements to the rental agent – and in case something changes, you have to go through this procedure all over again.

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