Chasing Fireflies

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Shop quality, designer children’s clothing and costumes for girls, boys and families at Chasing Fireflies. From matching family pajamas, amazingly twirly dresses and fine tailored suits to fantastical costumes and imaginative playwear, we’ve made it special and unique. Celebrate the magic of childhood every day with Chasing Fireflies.

We created Chasing Fireflies to celebrate childhood, but also to celebrate parenthood. Remember the first time you ever rode a bike? Swam across the pool? Chased fireflies? It's even more special the second time around when you share your child's firsts. 

As we’ve grown, so has our product offerings. Along with a select assortment of top-quality products and brands for babies and kids, we create fantastical costumes for imaginative dress-up play (not to mention Halloween!), and a delightfully affordable clothing collection under the Chasing Fireflies brand. Our popular dresses span a girl’s lifestyle — from everyday wear, to holidays and occasions that call for “extra special.” 

We've taken great care in selecting and creating magical children's products that will charm, surprise and delight. We love them and hope you will, too. 

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