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CINEMOD is a portable projector that shows films, cartoons and films on any surface.

In our rapidly changing world, where generations have divided into those who are "you" and "you" with technology, there is room for everyone. A place to come, to find inspiration and to create memories. You certainly knew this place was a family. Sometimes we forget how priceless it is that we spend time with her, and we easily immerse ourselves in our everyday life.

We believe that technology can bring more fun, magic and unforgettable moments to family life. And stop being "like killing time," which is very disturbing to modern parents. Rethinking the old "communication with technology" formats has led us to believe that even sharing movies or cartoons can be a new, exciting experience for the whole family. Magic that doesn't need to be sought and that doesn't require much effort.

This simple truth has prompted the creation of the CINEMOD mini-cinema.


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