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Cosy House Collection offers a wide variety of high quality and affordable home goods. Bed sheet sets, bamboo pillows, durable rugs, duvet covers and many more.

Our company Is absolutely nothing without our incredible customers and pristine reputation, of which we take very seriously. It’s our duty to deliver an exceptional customer experience with each and every order, big or small, every customer is treated like family.

Founded in 2014, Cosy House has since been disrupting the entire bedding industry after we discovered just how many “middle men” were between the manufacturer and customers. Markups in the 1000% range were considered “Normal”. We decided to import these pristine products ourselves and instead of going the traditional retail route, we wanted to get these products directly to customers and cut out the extra 3-4 markups typically seen in the bedding industry.

This has allowed Cosy House to deliver exceptional quality home good products at a fraction of the big retailers, and although we don’t have the massive reach they do, we enjoy serving our loyal customers knowing we’re getting them the best deal possible.

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