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Craig Shelly Beverly Hills is the purveyor of timeless elegance! Shop everything from men's and women's swiss-made luxury watches to cuff links and jewelry. You're in the right place and your watch awaits!

Our luxury watches began with one simple design that manifested into a brand celebrated by jewelry and watch enthusiasts with a shared dedication to social change.

Our passion. Our drive. Our dedication.

When you invest in a Craig Shelly watch, you get a premium watch that is Swiss crafted and assembled in the United States. The quality speaks for itself, as you’ll find with their exceptional materials and with no small detail left undone.

Craig Shelly’s Commitment to Social Change.

It’s vital not only to craft an exquisite timepiece, but it’s equally important to support causes that impact our world. We support the causes that are making a change and helping those less fortunate, and when you invest in a Craig Shelly watch, you do too.

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