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Dinosaur is an Internet pet store in Moscow. Zoo products (hygiene, food) for dogs, cats, rodents and birds. Veterinary pharmacy.

For centuries, human beings have been breeding animals that, over time, have acquired the status of full-fledged family members. Cats and dogs are present in almost every private house, less often in an apartment. Many contain birds. Parrots and canaries are particularly popular. Recently there has been a tendency to buy reptiles: Snakes, turtles, lizards. Rodents are equally common, such as decorative mice, chinchilles and guinea pigs.

The animal in the house creates a new atmosphere. It becomes a real friend, especially for children. In order to create and maintain optimal conditions, Zooreproducts are acquired. There are specialized shops in all settlements, and Moscow is no exception. Our customers can purchase the necessary products via the Internet. Moreover, we do not have to go to the company office, we arrange delivery. The only thing that is required of the buyer is to read the relevant offers and order the necessary goods. Next thing you know, the store staff will.

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