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Anomalie creates custom wedding dresses online starting at $1000. Incorporate all the latest wedding dress trends into your dream gown: long sleeves, matching overskirt, custom embroidery, a pop of color (blush, champagne, blue). Take our Bridal Style Quiz and share your inspiration photos.

Like almost every bride, I was frustrated with the obscene markups and non-transparent processes at wedding dress boutiques. I know my way around a factory*, so I decided to investigate. I discovered firsthand that dresses boutiques sell for thousands cost mere hundreds to create. I also discovered that nearly every designer brand outsources production to third-party manufacturers.

My husband and I became obsessed with how to fix the broken wedding dress industry, and personally vetted dozens of suppliers. Within several months, we formed direct relationships with the best ones and both left our jobs to launch Anomalie. The end result for our customer is that we can deliver a higher level of quality and customization for a better price than any other option in the bridal industry. We can’t wait to tell you more.

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