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El Ganso Official store. Enter and discover our world. We are a group of people committed to creating a global fashion brand. Join us.

We were two twenty-somethings, passionate about fashion and eager to embark on our own adventure. We spent several summers in London, learning English, and it was during those summers that we saw the clothes that excited us—a style that we didn’t see in our home country of Spain. We thought that if we were inspired by these major brands to create a product, give it our own spin and sell it at a reasonable price, it was possible to write our own story. So in 2004, we leaped into the void. 

Like all beginners, we made mistakes at first. The first plaid shirts we made lost their checks in the first wash. The first trousers lost their colour. We brought the fall-winter collection to the first trade fair we attended, when it was a spring-summer fair. We were the only booth with coats and macs at that fair. 

Despite these setbacks, we managed to open our first store in Madrid in 2006. Our flagship product at the time were the sneakers. On a trip to Budapest, we discovered the mid-century Slovak military footwear and we fell in love. We released a model inspired by them and El Ganso began to take off. 

Over time we expanded our presence, opening other stores throughout Spain and in 2011 we made the leap abroad. We opened our first store in Paris on rue des Rosiers, in the Marais district. That same year, we also opened in Lisbon, Santiago de Chile, and London, on Carnaby Street. We realised that in five years we had already entered five different markets. We were thrilled. 

In 2015, with 120 stores operating in 10 countries, one of the world’s largest luxury retail groups knocked on our door. We partnered with the investment arm of the LVMH group. Today we have nearly 200 stores. With our new partner and our loyal team, we hope to continue our dream: to establish our style all around the world. 

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