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Internet store of classy, comfortable, stylish and ergonomic furniture; Ergotronik is a unique project for Moscow and Russia. From here you can buy any practical chairs from cheap to elite.

We are the official dealer of more than 80 brands of European, American, Asian and domestic ergonomic products.

We add no more than 25 items per month that are carefully selected in advance.

Today, more than 120 children's and adults ergonomic chairs are represented at the Ergothronics showroom. And they're getting bigger and bigger.

We are exclusively represented in Russia products of the following brands: Gravitonus, HandsON, Vertagearar.

Ergotronik has been in existence since 2010. But a lot of our team started studying ergonomics long before that. Some did it without knowing what they were calling what they were doing:).

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