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About eTuyo

Etuyo exclusive electronics store where you can find and buy all kinds of household appliances of the main brands: Refrigerators, refrigerators, washing machines and small appliances.

The etuyo shop is the Internet portal of the company SIBALTRON EXPERIENCES S.L.U, an electronic commerce company dedicated to the distribution at very economical prices of all types of electrical appliances and computers. We have first world brands always with the Official Distributor Guarantee in Spain.

Our aim is to become the benchmark in Spain for the sales of electrical appliances and electronics in general. Being able to offer the best prices on the market with all the guarantees of these first brands and always with the best customer service.

The etuyo company is made up of a team of young people eager to carry out the new ideas that the Internet market is developing and that allow you to offer the best prices in the sector. We take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet to reduce costs in all areas, and always offer you the best possible prices.

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