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Discover the variety of new products offered by FC Bayern Munich Fan Shop under and get your current jerseys, caps and more. Order online now

Welcome to the FC Bayern Fan Shop! Step inside and take a look at our enormous selection of FC Bayern Munich football gear, player memorabilia and more fun items, toys and games than you can shake a stick at. There is truly something for everyone here in our online store and we’re certain that no FC Bayern fan could possibly go unprovided for. We hope you’ll take a good long look at our mountain of marvellous products and discover exactly what you came for.

Take a look at our top-sellers and most sought-after items. Find out which products are the most popular and discover the possibilities for yourself. We have a great selection of jerseys [link: jerseys] available in the style of both the home and away game shirts worn by our players on the field. Our iconic red and grey shirts always make a statement about their wearers and no true fan of FC Bayern Munich can be complete without one. Check out our selection of matching shorts and socks and round off your FC Bayern kit the proper way. We also offer custom jerseys, so you can select the colour, fit, size and style of your ideal team outfit. Our player jerseys come not only in the style of the current season, but also with players’ names and numbers onto the backs – so you can shout to the entire world which one of our stars is your favourite. We’re constantly adding new items to our immense collection of FC Bayern gear, so you’ll definitely want to keep checking back often.

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