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Order online or 877-511-LABS. No doctors visit. Low private pay prices. Visit LabCorp, Quest or at-home testing. Same day testing, most results in 1-2 days.

1. Looking for a convenient way to stay on top of your health. You will be saving yourself a lot of time. Normally, when you want to get a lab test done, there is a long process. First, you have to call and make an appointment with your primary care provider. Second, you need to wait a few weeks as your doctor probably has a busy schedule. At the day of the appointment, you will have to wait in the waiting room. Once in, you will need wait for your doctor to hear you out and give you a referral. Then, you will need to go to the lab, and get your blood taken. But the waiting is not over as you will still need to give the tests results about a week to be sent from the lab and reviewed by your doctor. At this point a nurse may give you a call, perhaps to make a follow-up appointment with the doctor. The process can be complicated and the results may never actually be shared with you. We want you to skip all this hassle and make it simple for you to get your body's data. We want to empower you to "know your numbers."

2. Looking for a more affordable option. When you avoid the doctor’s appointment and referral, you are skipping all the related costs. Nowadays, health insurance companies are offering high deductibles and co-pays. This means that the patient needs to pay a big portion of the fees associated with the doctor’s appointment and lab tests. When you decide to get blood work done with Health Testing Centers, you can order it yourself at cheaper prices. We want you to save unnecessary dollars spent.

3. Looking for confidentiality. Deciding to have blood work done without a doctor’s prescription means that your results will be communicated to you directly. We will not share your blood test results with anyone other than yourself. This means that neither your physician nor your insurance company will be aware of the outcome. So, while we encourage you to share your blood test results with your primary giver to better manage your health, it can be easier, less time consuming, and more affordable to get the tests done, on your own, at Health Testing Centers.

Can You Order Your Own Lab Tests Without Going To A Doctor?

You can absolutely order your own lab tests and be in charge of your health data. Doctors are valuable health managers; however, they should not be the only ones involved in decision making, when it comes to your body and wellbeing. You should be able to decide what lab tests you want to do; and, when you can get them done.

Many are not aware that it is possible to get blood work done without visiting a doctor and getting a prescription. Consumer initiated lab tests are exactly the same blood tests conventionally-ordered by your physician from the same leading laboratories. Health Testing Centers makes the process simple and convenient. You do not need your doctor’s prescription or referral. Also, you are not required to have health insurance coverage. If you are curious about checking your cholesterol levels, your vitamins levels, or in need of a test for an STD, you can order it yourself. You might even be curious to know whether your hormones are regulated or whether your new diet plan is keeping you healthy.

When you order a lab test from Health Testing Centers you can decide to visit LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics or have an at-home test kit sent to you. You pay private-pay prices when ordering the tests. There are no additional fees. We do not bill your insurance company. In the end you often pay much less. At Health Testing Centers you are taking charge of your health and wellness, as well as your finances.

All test orders and results are reviewed by our physicians. In the event that any of your results are out-of-range, you will see clear flag next to the value. We do not want to just send in your results, we want you to understand what they mean. At Health Testing Centers we offer you the power to manage your own health by ordering your own blood tests at affordable prices.

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