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J.ING is a womanswear collection for the bold and romantic.

Jing Zeng has always understood the power of balance.

Inspired by the simple joys in her life: motherhood, femininity, and grace, balanced with the the jet-setting style and confidence of a woman on the go, Jing did something truly remarkable. She established a style for the modern woman - the woman who dares to be bold, yet romantic. Daring, yet a dreamer at heart. Well traveled, yet attuned to the charms of home. Her vision inspired women everywhere and quickly became a worldwide tour de force, offering couture-inspired pieces at an affordable price. 

With a focus on true statement pieces, tailored strong lines, and a feminine personality, J.ING takes after its founder in that it embodies a deliberate balance between the bold and romantic.

The J.ING Woman:

A J.ING woman is bold and romantic. Two distinct qualities that have come to encapsulate a woman of the modern age. She understands the delicate balance between work and leisure, between past and present. She realizes that incomparable style carries into every moment, whether that be star studded, jet-setting, or simply spending an evening at home with loved ones. To be a J.ING woman is to embody the romance of the past and the excitement of the future with one unforgettable look.

J.ING Brand Story

As a global brand, J.ING offers so much more than a clothing line; we offer a lifestyle. With each piece being carefully tailored with the modern woman in mind, we prove time and time again that forward-thinking fashion doesn’t have to come at a price and that putting together an outfit can and should be empowering. Our garments are both visually stunning and uniquely on the pulse of what is current. Hard edges and clean lines combine with soft, ethereal touches so that every look, no matter how structured or tailored, is simultaneously strong and incredibly feminine. We prove that even amidst the flurry of uninspired, overpriced “fast fashion,” quality and integrity are timeless. 

As a women-owned and women-centered company, we are committed to serving as a platform of inspiration for watching eyes around the globe. With our brand’s founder, chief creative force and leader Jing Zeng , behind our signature collections, we are poised to be the next big name in fashion retail. Jing Zeng herself demonstrates the balance between fearlessness and sophistication, between boldness and romanticism, which is so imperative to our brand’s ethos. With studios in Shanghai and Los Angeles, Jing Zeng works closely with her team of Milan-trained designers to ensure that every garment aligns with the distinctive J.ING brand - a brand that has come to define the 21st century woman.

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