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Kittybunnypony(KBP®) Is A Korean Fabric Brand Launched In 2008, Based In Seoul. It Offers Various Types Of Home Fabrics Including Small Pouches To Bags, Kitchen Products, Beddings, Curtains, And Cushions Based On A Concept Of Colorful, Geometric Graphic, Animal&Nature Print Pattern Play.

Kittybunnypony Offers High Quality Korea-Made Products At Reasonable Prices By Simplifying Distribution And Using An Independent Process. In Addition, A Design Lab In Kittybunnypony Has Conducted Continuous Development And Research On Patterns. The Flagship Product Of A Manufacturer JINJIN Co. Is Embroidery Design Products, Combined With A Delicate Embroidery Work. Kittybunnypony Continues To Actively Collaborate With Diverse Brands, Designers And Artists And The Design Lab Has Carried Out Projects Such As B2B And Space Styling. 

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