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About Lustrof

Internet shop "Lustrof" - always a wide selection of chandeliers and lamps of various styles, color solutions and manufacturers.

The easiest, fastest and most convenient way to acquire suitable chandeliers, lamps, torches and any lighting device is to visit the internet shop "Lustrof." One of the largest and most popular in the Russian market shop offers to buy a chandelier on the Internet of any form, colour, style and producer at affordable cost. During the period of holding our shares you will find record low prices. Geography of company "" allows to buy chandeliers in internet shop not only in Moscow, we deliver more than 900 distribution points throughout Russia.

Today the shop covers a sufficient number of outlets to serve the needs of owners of private apartments and houses as well as corporate clients. Wholesale buyers, designers and organizations can buy a chandelier at the "Lustrof" internet store. In other words, any category of buyers will receive from us exactly what they are looking for, and the proposed system of cooperation for each such client will optimize all acquisition costs.