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We offer you a wide range of lamps, chandeliers, torches and bros suitable for both internal and external lighting. Quality, reliability, safety of the proposed product. Operational delivery. We work all over Russia.

Long gone are the days when in order to buy a chandelier, you had to go to the only store on the other side of the city. Our online store is designed to make your life easier, more convenient and brighter. We have more than 80 manufacturers from 14 countries! Huge selection of fixtures for the proper organization of street, office and indoor lighting.

We bring to your attention a wide range of devices that allow you to competently organize street, office and interior lighting. Our store is a great help in arranging the right light. Starting to cooperate with us, you will learn from your own experience what it means to be a reliable supplier of lighting equipment. Market-Sveta is an endless choice of products and a loyal policy towards each client.

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