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Streetwear in evolution

If you think that streetwear means to own limited editions of your favorite hype brands, you are missing the point. Streetwear evolved but its goal is the same: wear an undefined dress code to connect with people with similar interests, into certain activities. It existed way before the word streetwear was invented.

Think hippies, or punks or skinheads or mods. We tend to say that streetwear was invented in California by the surf-skate community. Its leader de facto was Sean Stussy whose ads in Thrasher Magazine really defined a music influenced movement. 

Some others love to think that streetwear was born in the Bronx when the hip hop phenomenon was starting to express through b-boys rocking Kangol hats and Puma Clydes. 

The truth is that there is no "big bang" in streetwear, everything came into place slowly: sporting goods brands like Nike, adidas, Fila, Pony got paired with little brands passing some messages on their t-shirts and hoodies.

Forever streetwear!

We at Move have a deep love for this movement and we did not jump on the bandwagon now because it's hot but to pass knowledge and style to you. That's why we can give you through the key for example to understand what Carhartt is: a workwear company that was popular in the streets because of tough and durable items that you could breakdance in or go bomb a train with your friends.

Streetwear to be free to think (and move)

Streetwear is mostly related to the image of an athletic youth into many activities. That's how sportswear came into the mix: if you feel comfortable in your outfit you have plenty of room to move and do your thing.

Streetwear retro freshness

This is the heritage that from breakdancing took tracksuits even into skateboarding, like you see today skaters in Kappa Kontroll sweatpants. 

It's the continuous research of our roots that comes into play when, after we kept on wearing Jordan forever (and we still do), now we search for retro freshness in brands like Sergio Tacchini and Ellesse. There is no secret recipe in streetwear but two main suggestions: be original and just do you.

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