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plant-powered deodorant
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About Myro

Refillable, plant-powered deodorant that does what it should and then some.

Meet our first fragrance free (un)scent. Perfect for smelling like yourself without, you know, smelling.

Inspiring Scents

Plant-powered and mood-boosting for every body

Simply Effective

Hardworking, long-lasting formula with no toxic anything

Pro Planet

Refillable case and recyclable deodorant pods FTW

Convenient Subscription

Regular deliveries timed for when you need more

Make It Yours

Your scent, your case, your color—our easy-to-use refill mechanics mean you can swap your scent so Myro always matches your mood.

Regular Refills

We’ll send you more deodorant pods at the frequency that's right for you. Your delivery dates are totally up to you, we just keep it coming.

Stay Flexible

Update your refill scent preferences, press pause or stop literally anytime. We got you.

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