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About Niche Beauty

World’s finest beauty brands ✓ free shipping on orders over 25€ ✓ 2 FREE samples | Shop curated luxury beauty products online at NICHE BEAUTY!

Niche Beauty is an online portal founded by us two sisters and dedicated to the selection and import of luxury cosmetic brands from all over the world. Many of our brands are often only known to beauty insiders and experts and it is our challenge to make these products known and available to all beauty addicts.

After completing our university degrees, our jobs took us to New York and London where we quickly fell in love with the incredible diversity and innovation of make-up, skincare and fragrance brands – unheard of in continental Europe. Full of inspiration from these fashion and beauty metropolises we wanted to bring home what we had seen and learned. Back in Hamburg, we teamed up with our father - our coach and partner – to stir up the traditional and conservative beauty landscape in Germany.

Strictly selective“ stands for our portfolio. To present a curated shopping experience with the finest brands carefully preselected for our customers is our commitment, whereby our focus lies on the quality and uniqueness of the products and not on the advertised image. „Strictly luxury“ stands for selected ingredients and the effort and expenses involved in the comprehensive research and technological innovations that are behind all of our brands.We are not only an online shop, but a lifestyle brand. Our love for design and interest in the newest international interior trends is part of this lifestyle that we try to incorporate into our portfolio at all times. Our magazine, blog and social media let you peek behind the scenes of the beauty industry and keep you up-to-date with the latest and hottest beauty trends from around the world.

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