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Ostrovok lets you find places to stay around the world. It only takes one minute to book with us. You can do it through the website, over the phone, as well as by using your tablet PC or mobile device.

When booking with Ostrovok, you can be sure that you are never overpaying. Indeed, thanks to our mutually beneficial cooperation with hotels, we can sometimes offer prices that are even lower than on the official hotel websites.

We care about our customers and offer several different options to pay for your booking. You can do it through the website or at the hotel. At the time of booking, you are free to choose between paying in full or just paying a deposit.

What's more, you can make a reservation without a credit card. Just enter the requested information about the guests, dates of stay, your preferences, and receive a voucher. This assures you a confirmed reservation without any deposit. With this voucher, you pay for the room at the hotel upon arrival. This option is very convenient if your trip is during the peak season but you aren't able to pay in advance. Moreover, this option lets you avoid binding your credit card details to the planned trip.

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