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Paralife is a Hong Kong Brand. Our brand name derives from the words "Parallel" and "Life", has two meanings. 

First, our products are as neat as a pair of parallel lines. 

Second and the deeper meaning, our raw materials are natural and eco-friendly, we treasure and make good use of natural resource. Also, we bring the beauty of Nature to everyday life, and restore harmony and balance in our lives. 

Natural eco-friendly materials 

Our raw materials are all nature and eco-friendly. We don't use any leather from animals as our materials. The natural material have gifted textures, simple design with no frills highlights their own unique texture. 

We believe materials from different plants have irreplaceable beauty. 

Through them, we can feel the wonderfulness of the nature. 

In additional to the natural materials, we advocate the use of recycled materials including newspaper, recycled paper. After treatments, they obtain a second life. We believe that "eco-friendly" should be an personal attitude in daily life, and we implement in our product. Let everyone save the resources together. 

All our products are designed, made and packed in Hong Kong, so we can offer customized service. We believe each human being is unique, every customer have their own preference and needs. Just provide us the brand and model code of your mobile, tablet or notebook, we can customize personal and unique works for you, and also can add a embroidery name on the product. It cannot be done by intensive production line from a factory. 

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