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RailYatri is the best site for Live Train Status and other Indian Railway Enquiry. It gives useful rail info to help you do bookings and reduce your waiting time at stations.

Travel is fun and when it comes to train travel, we go into the bypaths and un-trodden depths of wilderness and travel explorations to tell the world the glories of our journey!

RailYatri aims to work in accordance with the needs of its train travelers. It always updates features that simplify the train journeys of the passengers.Yes, there are many other train travel related apps and websites, but do they help in making your travel easy? Here is a quick go-through of what information do we serve our passengers that make us stand out of the crowd:

PNR status information with Confirmation Probability.

Live Train Status, but with real time GPS Location mechanism that makes the experience fun and fascinating.

Time table of trains with Offline time table feature, so that one may check it without Internet connectivity.

You can avoid the delayed trains by studying the running time statistics of the trains between two stations.

If you are a daily commuter through local trains and metros, find all the information in the RailYatri.

Fantasy and fun: Get to know the real time speed of your train and various trivia’s about Indian Railways and the stations.

Live Trip Sharing.

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