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Fashion & fine jewellery that charms with characterful designs. Shop friends happy smile bracelets, diamond necklaces, earrings and rings. Buy RUIFIER online.

RUIFIER is a luxury fine jewellery brand founded by designer Rachel Shaw. Each piece is formed with detail, masterful craftsmanship, and precious conflict-free stones and diamonds. Drawing on two main sources of inspiration, the brand covers all bases; their Visage offering, which encapsulates a fun side to fine jewellery, and the RUIFER London line, which illustrates their technical prowess through the visually stunning, architectural styles seen throughout. 

The jewellery is designed to turn the wearer into a storyteller of their own. Many of the pieces can be adapted, interlocked or worn in different ways, making each design unique. The brand is made up of 18 collections each designed with individual inspiration and luxury design features.

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