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We're a fourth-generation, family-owned jeweler committed to offering fine jewelry of the highest quality, from diamonds and engagement rings to gifts for any occasion. We value our relationship with our customers, and that’s why they come first. More than just a jewelry store, Shane Co. is their friend in the jewelry business.

We buy our diamonds and other gems first hand, directly from the cutters in Antwerp, Tel Aviv, Bangkok and Mumbai. In other words, our customers pay no middleman markup.  Our advertising emphasizes the truth about our business and reflects our commitment to honesty. Our web site is an extension of the selection, service and professionalism customers experience in any of our stores.

Our Free Lifetime Warranty means our customers won't have to spend a penny more on their ring for the rest of their lives. Bring it in, or send it to us every six months for free re-plating, re-sizing, re-tipping, repair, and we'll even replace the center gemstone if they lose it at no charge!

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