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Shoe Palace was born from the brilliant intuition by Mr. Mohammad Ghaddar who, in the mid 1970’s, established his first shoe shop in Ruwi under the name “Golden Shoes”.

With a dream to develop his venture into a prominent business across the Sultanate of Oman, Mr. Ghaddar registered the company as a first class LLC category in 1994 under the name Golden Home LLC, the mother company.

Across time, the business grew quickly and straightened its presence in the shoe retail and whole sale sectors by introducing seven branches under the name “Shoe Palace” and “Chrome Shoes”.

“Protect” is also another subdivision that only specializes in safety and military shoes and supplies.

Throughout, the relentless efforts of a tired less man guarantees a renewed and constantly updated range of unique shoes and leather accessories. At Shoe Palace we remain loyal to our most authentic traditions while combining the best materials and careful selection of details to avail more high quality international brands to our valuable customers across the Sultanate of Oman.

During the 37 years of growth, our focus was always on the constant improvement of style and quality of our products through a spirit of innovation, research and competitiveness.

We are a dynamic organization working with great optimism and flexibility by adjusting to the market with increasingly updated styles reflecting comfort and fashion and their constant evolution while keeping a close eye on quality.

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