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Spoonflower is a global marketplace connecting makers and consumers with artists worldwide. We’re revolutionizing the textile industry through our on-demand digital printing technology and eco-friendly, sustainable and scalable manufacturing processes.

It’s hard to believe now, but most people never considered the possibility of designing and printing their own fabric 10 years ago. At that time, not only was printing a custom design expensive (from $50 per yard for bulk orders up to $150 a yard for smaller orders), but many surface pattern designers didn’t have a low-investment platform to distribute their art to shoppers. In short, most of us were buying the designs that stores offered us, because that was fast, affordable and easy.

Our founders, Stephen Fraser and Gart Davis, had already helped launch the technological wave of print-on-demand, self-published books in the early 2000s. And so, when Stephen’s wife was frustrated that she couldn’t find a yellow fabric with oversize polka dots for drapes, Stephen thought that surely there should be a site that allows the average consumer to make a few yards of custom fabric.


Step into the office today, and you’ll see exactly what you’d expect from a company that celebrates color and pattern. Broad swathes of wallpaper feature chevron elephants on parade and abstract kilim designs, chairs showcase geometric shibori art and orange hedgehogs. It’s a place that feels warm and convivial, with just enough wit to keep it down to earth.

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