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 As a practicing clinician, my goal is to help my patients achieve their optimal health. Preventing chronic disease and promoting wellness are both critical components of optimizing health, and exactly why I began working with Thorne five years ago.

Thorne’s priority has always been people – both patients and providers. With its scientific approach, every Thorne product and solution is backed by medical evidence.  Thorne’s focus on people and science goes as far as frequently recommending lifestyle changes before supplements—diet, exercise, stress reduction, etc.—even if those recommendations don’t help the Thorne’s bottom line.  The goal is to make people healthier, however possible.

Being a part of the Thorne team for the past five years – as the company has innovated and expanded into new depths of understanding optimizing wellness and athletic performance – has been exciting as a clinician. In recent years, Thorne has become the go-to company for precision medicine. Thorne has not only collaborated with Mayo Clinic to conduct clinical trials on myriad chronic disease end-points, but also partnered with U.S. National Teams in 12 sports to promote new discoveries in the field of sports medicine.  

At Thorne, we are constantly striving to improve health by best understanding needs, both scientifically and personally. The next level of this evolution is the January launch of Thorne’s suite of at-home health tests. These tests are much more than the latest in a long series of important Thorne innovations--Thorne is revolutionizing wellness.

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