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tulo mattress lets you choose three different comfort levels for your sleeping styles. Find the mattress that suits you best. Order online or try in store.

In case you’re wondering how we came about, tulo means “sleep” in Chichewa. Funny enough, it also means “income” in Finnish. Which is kind of appropriate. You get a great night’s tulo without blowing your hard-earned tulo. You also get a whole lotta convenience and a choice of comfort level—something most bed-in-a-box companies don’t understand.

At tulo, we realized most beds-in-a-box are flawed. They all say they offer the best sleep anyone’s ever had. But really, how can they when they only offer one type of mattress? There is no “one” mattress. Only one truth: that nobody sleeps the same. From Malawi to Malaysia to Malta, everybody gets their zzz’s differently.

And that’s where we’re coming from. We found a gap in the market and filled it with something more exciting than a piece of foam. Choice. Our belief is that everyone should be able to choose the mattress that suits their sleep style. So we tested ours with people all over the world and we found this suits everyone just fine.

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