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Twisted Tailor Skinny Fit Designer Suits – Premium Quality Tailoring for a New Generation – Free UK Delivery & Returns. Free Global Shipping.

Standout Designer Suits - Premium Quality Tailoring For a New Generation

Always dropping new head-turning styles whilst also going back to basics and upgrading your new wardrobe essentials, with tonal 2 pieces, standout shirts, tartan tailoring topped with essential accessories, our collections always amp up your look.

Twisted Tailor will come to your wedding, weekends away, night out, naughty one-night stands (Your secret is safe with us...) and dresses you at many more of life’s great moments.

We are changing the way tailoring is perceived twisting the ideals of how and when it ‘should’ be worn. Cutting and sewing tougher the start of a tailoring revolution. With a strong brand attitude and a non-conformist approach to suiting through design & marketing, Twisted Tailor is the start of something much bigger....

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