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Vueling is one of the fastest growing airlines in Europe. It offers a wide range of cheap flights among main European cities.

Vueling takes you to over 130 destinations, including major cities in Spain, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. It's very easy: visit our website or app, choose your destination and find cheap flights. We always offer the best prices! But there are even more benefits:

 Avios and Vueling Club

Collect Avios every time you book, get discounts on your flights and you could even fly for free! And you'll save time if you book your flights through your Vueling Club account.

 Best price guaranteed

At Vueling we always have our customers in mind – that's why we offer you the best prices for our routes.

 Major airports

Vueling always flies to the most important city airports. Your journeys will be more convenient and you'll avoid long transfers.

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