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Official Internet shop woldford in Russia, sale of original goods woldford in Moscow.

Legendary Brend Wolford is a recognized world leader in the manufacture of deluxe lingerie, collage, clothing and accessories. Today, the brand history is more than 65 years of successful work. During this period, Wolford presented on the world market a number of revolutionary inventions that radically changed the women's wardrobe, from latrine-resistant to seamless underwear with support effects. Today the brand offers many models of lingerie, luloid products, as well as its own clothing line corresponding to the latest trends in world fashion. The woman Wolford personifies the elegance, dignity and impeccable taste of brand products at different times inspired by legendary fashion houses. In Russia brand has been represented since 1997 exclusively by "JamilCo."

The world of wilford is not just underwear, stockings, tights and luxury clothes. This world, as an elite club, unites women who value their time and are willing to spend it only on real things. It is for them that we have created an Internet shop called Wolford. Here you can find a full range of products from both the basic and seasonal collections of the current season, which can be found in the boutiques of the brand in Paris, New York, London, Tokyo and Moscow.

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