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Wear Your Opinion - WYO is whatever you want it to be.

...about what you wear.

...about what you think.

...about what you think you should wear and carry.

To add to the confusion here’s how we think we came about creating WYO.

We are highly opinionated people. We do have a say about most of the things around us (Yay!!). However we are humans and we do get tired (occasionally).  So to overcome our human weakness but still carry around our opinion, we thought why should we not Wear Our Opinion. - And then we added a marketing twist to it, making it “Wear Your Opinion”. Brilliance aside, WYO is about great designs. Designs that are socially relevant. Designs that make your plain jane tshirts, wallets, bags, hoodies, boxers, mugs and other merchandise into a conversation starters.

Yet, we don’t believe in anything abstract. We want our merchandise to say something specific. A few random lines and strokes on a canvas might make a few people go “oooh” and “aaah”. But not us. Our designs are more like social commentary. However commentary alone does not make for exciting interweb business. So here’s how WYO works. We look at our society and pin point things (not issues) that trouble us, annoy us, makes us laugh, motivates us, over all the complete environment which affects us. We then work with our brilliant, creative and utterly lazy designer panel to bring those societal things onto products that will not only make you cool but socially cool :P

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